Youth Group

Upcoming Events!

September 2019

  • 14th Apple Picking – Honey Pot Hill
  • 20th Middle School Open Gym 

October 2019

  • Mainspring Sandwiches
  • Registration for Steubenville East Opens $50
  • 19th Youth Kickoff event (12-5pm)
  • 25th Haunted House – Lakeville – 40 spots avalable 

November 2019

  • 15th Middle School Open Gym

December 2019

  • Mainspring Sandwiches TBA
  • My Brothers Keeper TBA
  • 13th Christmas Lights at La Salette Shrine
  • 6th Christmas Cookie and Christmas Movie night – Christmas Grab (6-8 baby sitting)

January 2020

  • 17th Middle School Open Gym
  • 24th Min to Win it (Middle School event)

February 2020

  • Mainspring Sandwiches TBA
  • Tubing (Middle school event) TBA
  • Valentines dance TBA

March 2020

  •  13th Middle School Open Gym

April 2020

  •  Mainspring Sandwiches TBA
  • 10th Passion Movie (bt stations of the Cross and Good Friday Service)
  • St. Thomas Serves day TBA

May 2020

  • 15th Middle School Open Gym
  • 31st - Baccalaureate Mass – HS Seniors

June 2020

  • Mainspring Sandwiches TBA

July 2020

  • Steubenville East
  • Catholic Heart Work Camp 

June 2019 - Catholic Heart Workcamp, Charleston, SC 

Oct. 2018 - Trivia Night Fundraiser - Thanks for your support!
















Sept. 2018 - Apple Picking - Honey Pot Hill Orchard

Aug. 2018 - Harbor Cruise

Several of our youth group members enjoyed fun and dancing on the Harbor Cruise
hosted by SMASH Life Teen from Hanover! It was a great night!


We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!





Parent Permission Form 


Hello and welcome!  My name is Amber and I'm so happy you came to check out the Youth Ministry page. This page is changing All. The. Time. So come back often. 

I hope that your teen can find a warm place in the youth group at St. Thomas and in the process encounter the big love of Jesus Christ. 

If you are new and don't know where to start our youth group nights are a good way to jump in. There is one for High school and Middle school. 

You can email me at

Youth Group Mission

To bring our youth to the joy of the Church through Catholic centered events, community outreach, and social gatherings. 

Youth Group Volunteers

Volunteers must have a current CORI form on file with the parish.

If you are not yet CORI'ed, please stop by the rectory Mon-Fri 9-5 to fill out your CORI form for the 2019-2020 school year.


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