Growth in Stewardship

Now is the time to move from maintenance to mission -- Now is the time to invest and grow

A Letter From Fr. Bill

An essential part of the Growth in Stewardship Initiative is to annually ask parishioners to reassess their ability to share their time, talents and treasures. In September, over 300 parishioners volunteered in some capacity to share their talents and time.  We now hope to increase the financial resources needed to continue to sustain and increase our parish’s growth.

While our weekly offertory did increase in the prior fiscal year, it has not increased sufficiently enough to cover our operating costs.  Our weekly operating costs average $13,300, while our weekly offertory collections average $9,310. To make up for this operating deficit, we are dependent on the Grand Annual Appeal and fund raisers.  Our hope is that, if we can increase the weekly collections to cover operating costs, we could then use the Grand Annual Appeal funds to support more ministries, outreach and enhance and improve our music and youth ministry programs, as well as upgrade our facilities.

I, with the advice and support of the Parish Finance Council, am hoping to accomplish three objectives:

1. Ask you to re-evaluate what you are able to contribute each week and make a commitment. The enclosed card provides some guidance.  Please know that I am grateful for whatever level you can contribute.  I am asking for you to renew or consider increasing the level that you can contribute.

2. Ask you to consider using electronic pay (WeShare online) if you are not doing so. You can access WeShare from the icon on our homepage or click on the "orange" WeShare button at the begining of this sentence.  This would mean that we would have a more consistent income stream throughout the year as donations can be set up on a recurring basis. In addition to being convenient for you, this type of automatic giving helps stabilizing our finances on lightly attended weekends.  You would receive pay receipts to place in the collection if you chose, and it would reduce the cost of purchasing and sending monthly envelopes.

3. I am hoping that we can increase the number of persons/families who are willing to make a commitment.  Please reflect on your daily blessings and make a commitment back to our parish. I cannot thank you enough.  Whatever support you are able to give is greatly appreciated.  Please complete and return the enclosed Intent Form and return it by Commitment Weekend, on February 11th & 12th, 2017.

Yours in Christ,                                                                                                         

Father Bill





Growth in Stewardship Initiative


Stewardship calls us to share our time with God and one another. Are we making time for prayer? Do we make Mass a priority? Do we volunteer our time to help the needy, assist in the parish, or just spend time with the lonely?



Being good stewards means being generous with the gifts we have received. Do we respond to God's goodness by sharing some of the blessings he pours out upon us with our parish and the needy? Consider supporting our parish with online giving by using  WeShare


God has given each of us many talents, how are we called to share those with our community?  Whatever your talent, you received it for the benefit of others as well as your own. Pray about how you can use your talent to benefit those around you and whether you are called to participate in any of our parish ministries.

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