Protecting God's Children

Protecting God's Children is a priority for the Archdiocese of Boston.  Several VIRTUS training sessions are are typically held in person each year.  The sessions are facilitated by our coordinators Kate Anderson and Connie Franciosi.  All volunteers in the parish are required to attend one session.  In addition, anyone volunteering in the parish, in any capacity, is required to sign a Code of Ministerial Conduct and complete a CORI form.   However, due to the pandemic's current restrictions and health concerns presented by the pandemic, the Archdiocese has made the following temporary adjustments to our adult child protection training requirements: 

All employees and all volunteers who may have contact with children continue to be required to complete Protecting God’s Children training.  Due to our current inability to gather together for live trainings, volunteers can currently meet this requirement through participation in two online trainings: VIRTUS online PGC training and Massachusetts online Mandated Reporter training.  

To complete the online PGC training, volunteers should go to 

1.       Click on “First time registrant

2.       On the next page click on “Begin the registration process”

3.      Select “Boston” from the drop down list of dioceses

4.      Complete the registration process

Once registration is complete you will be directed to an online PGC training through VIRTUS.  Upon completion of that training, individuals will be directed to a link to an additional online training on mandated reporting in Massachusetts.  Both online trainings must be completed to be in compliance with child protection requirements.  

The mandated reporter training can be found at

Copies of the mandated reported certificates should be sent to Tina Larson at  It is not necessary to submit a copy of the PGC certificate.  

Anyone with questions can contact Vivian Soper at or at 617-746-5995.  While staff are working from home, email and phone messages are checked at least hourly during normal work hours.  





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