Confirmation I & II

Grades 9 & 10

In Confirmation, the Holy Spirit comes to us in a radical way to strengthen us (Confirmation means "strengthening");  to increase and deepen the grace of our Baptism; and to make us soldiers for Christ. Confirmation equips us to spread and defend the Faith by word and deed, as witnesses of Jesus. (Acts 8:14-19, 19:1-6)

Chosen - Your Journey Toward Confirmation

Director of Confirmation, Grades 9-10
Caitlin Mack

Our Confirmation program consists of two years whether it is through the parish faith formation program or Catholic school attendance. Students who attend Catholic high school need only attend class as a 10th grader. 9th graders are invited to attend. Class attendance does not replace Sunday Mass. Both go hand in hand to give your child a complete and rounded experience of Christian maturity.  

About Our Curriculum - We use Chosen from Ascension Press for both Confirmation I & II. Chosen calls our youth to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and fully prepares them to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. The curriculum is grounded in the Catechism and Scripture, and uses multimedia presentations to connect with teens. It inspires them intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.  Check them out online:

About Class Sessions - Confirmation I & II meets on Sundays. Both years have a Christian Community Service component. Confirmation I will take part in a day retreat, Confirmation II will take part in an overnight retreat, both will participate in Adoration and a Confession Session. Again, class attendance is important and Mass attendance even more so!

About Our Calendar - In response to parents' concerns regarding class times, we have adjusted our calendar to meet the demanding schedules of our high school students. Sunday is the day with the least conflicts. Confirmation I & II meet every Sunday: Confirmation I typically starting at 5pm and Confirmation II typically starting at 6:45pm. Their respective calendars are posted online and will be available on the first day of classes.

About Our Speakers - Confirmation I & II will gather to listen to speakers. This will be scheduled during class time.  In the past topics included Respect Life, relationship with Jesus, suicide, and vocations.

About Christian Community Service - The model for Confirmation service opportunities has to be that of Jesus. We ask that students complete three projects that are at least 3 hours long.  We recommend that students choose projects based on the Corporal Works of Mercy: feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, bury the dead (cemetery help), shelter the homeless. These projects are in addition to the service required by their high schools.

If a student volunteers for our parish Vacation Bible School, or if they volunteer as a teacher's aide, they will have completed the service requirement for Confirmation. Information about service opportunities will be posted in the bulletin and sent home via email. Projects completed outside of the program will need to be approved.

About Choosing a Confirmation Name - We stress that students carefully consider their name choice. Students may choose to use the name given to them at Baptism. They may choose another name, preferably that of a canonized saint. This saint will act as their intercessor to guide them, and to be a model of Christian virtue.

About the Retreat -
9th Grade: Day Retreat on Friday, April 3rd (4:30pm-8pm) in the Parish Center
10th Grade: Overnight Retreat at Miramar Retreat Center (121 Parks Street, Duxbury) from Friday, March 20th-Saturday, March 21st. Arrive at the St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Center at 5pm so that we can enjoy a meal together before leaving for Miramar.

About Choosing a Sponsor - Each Confirmation candidate is required to have a sponsor, someone who will set an example as a faithful Catholic.  This is an important decision, and important decisions call for prayerful consideration. Sponsors must fulfill the following:

  • Be a Catholic who has been baptized, received First Holy Communion, and been confirmed.
  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Resolve to live a life in keeping with the function of a sponsor, including weekly Mass attendance.
  • Be single or married in the Catholic Church. Or if married elsewhere, have the documented permission or dispensation of the Catholic Church.

Each sponsor is required to complete a Sponsor Certificate and it is the candidate's responsibility to ensure the sponsor completes this form.

CATHOLIC SCHOOL STUDENTS (9TH & 10TH GRADE): 9th grade students attending Catholic school are not required to come to the weekly Faith Formation classes but are required to attend all scheduled guest speakers and special events noted (***) on the calendar. All 10th Graders are required to attend every class.

Information and updates are sent home via Constant Contact emails. If you are not receiving these emails, check your spam box. If you would like to be on our mailing list, contact the office via email at or by phone at 508-697-3652.  

"When a coach sends a soccer player onto the playing field, he puts his hand on his shoulder and gives him final instructions. We can understand Confirmation in a similar way. A hand is placed upon us. We step out onto the field of life. Through the Holy Spirit we know what we have to do and we have been given the power to do it. He has motivated us. His mission resounds in our ears. We sense his help. We will not betray his trust or disappoint him; we will win the game for him. We just have to want to do it and listen to him."       Youth Catechism #203 




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