Grades 1-2 Sacramental Preparation

First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation

Video for parents of 2nd Grade Faith Formation students preparing to receive First Communion
Spring 2018

Students in Grades 1-2 use Ignatius Press, Faith and Life Curriculum.

First-grade students are introduced to the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), God's plan of salvation, and our part in that plan. They also learn about Mary, the saints and basic Catholic prayers. Special emphasis is placed on growing to know, love and trust God. 

Second-grade students prepare to receive the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion and come to an appreciation of God's love for them shown in these two Sacraments. The lessons emphasize God's mercy and love, the Ten Commandments, Redemption, Forgiveness, and the Mass. Mass attendance is an important part of faith formation and Mass attendance is recorded. Two parent meetings are held. The dates are noted on the calendar. First Communion dates are not released until January. 

Parents are encourage to pray with their children at mealtime, bedtime, and anytime! Time in the car can be used learning how to pray the Rosary. Resources are in the office. We are happy to share them with you. 

If angels could be jealous of men,

they would be so for one reason:

Holy Communion. 

--St. Maximilian Kolbe



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