Campus Ministry Fundraising Efforts

From Deacon David...

After spending two years here in Bridgewater, I want to express my gratitude in a small way for your hospitality and care.  

Around New Year’s I felt inspired to run a marathon and fundraise for campus ministry at BSU.  It was in college where I was able to hear God’s voice and to follow Him, and that came about through Adoration as well as fellowship.  Those moments before Jesus in the Eucharist were so precious for me to follow God’s vocation for me, and over the years I have witnessed how frequently prayer creates in young men and women the joy of pursuing God’s vocation for them.  As such, a new monstrance or vessel that holds the Eucharist would seem like a worthy gift to God as well as to all those who come into St. Basil’s to pray before the Blessed Sacrament.  Additionally, it would be another concrete sign of taking seriously the Year of the Eucharist. 

If there is extra money left over, I think it would be a nice idea to get an espresso machine for the students.  Why?  Well why not?  I’ve met few people, especially college students, who don’t enjoy an espresso or a cappuccino.  It would be a great conversation starter for anyone who wants to stop in campus ministry, Catholic or non-Catholic, and feel like they are welcome anytime, no strings attached.  

Any additional funds would go to support campus ministry, which could use the support for events, retreats, and the likes.  

Again I cannot adequately convey how grateful I am to be in this parish.  Any support would be greatly appreciated!


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