Grades 1-6 Faith Formation Overview 2020-2021

Director of Faith Formation, Grades 1-6
Marie Masaitis

Grades 1-2 Sacramental Preparation

Grade 1: God is Love
First-grade students begin to develop an awareness of God as our Father in Heaven, the creator of Heaven and earth, who is all good, who created them in His image and likeness, and who loves them unconditionally. Special emphasis is placed on growing to know, love, and trust God.  They will learn:
          * Basic parts of the Mass
          * The reality of sin in connection with the Sacrament of Confession
          * The lives of saints and the basics of prayer as a conversation with God
          * Basic Catholic prayers

Grade 2: Our Life in Jesus
Second-grade students focus on how much children are loved by Jesus Christ, and how His death and Resurrection has opened the way to Heaven.  We also focus on:
         * The parts of the Mass
         * Lives and lessons of the saints
         * More ways to pray
         * A special focus on the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist

There are two parent meetings and a parent/child retreat. The dates for Reconciliation and First Communion will be released in January.


Grades 3-6

Grade 3:  The Kingdom of God and the Church
Third-grade students learn about the Catholic Church, the Holy Spirit and how He guides the church, and how Jesus continues His mission through the Catholic Church.
           * Basics of the Holy Trinity and all seven Sacraments.
           * Prayer and living as children of God
           * Jesus’ Parables of the Kingdom, and Mary as the Mother of the Church

Grade 4: Jesus teaches us how to live
The fourth-grade students will focus on the moral life, our loving response to God’s great gift to us, and students explore more deeply what it means to be created in the image and likeness of God.  In this year, we:
          * Explore conscience formation, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Golden                         Rule, and the Great Commandment
           * Emphasize the reality of sin and the necessity of virtue 

Grade 5: The Sacraments
Fifth-grade students will focus on an in-depth exploration of God’s grace in the Sacraments, with a focus on what a Sacrament is and why Jesus instituted them. Students explore what it means that God is the source of all life, learn more about Holy Mass and Holy Days of Obligation, and read and discuss longer biographies of the saints. 

Grade 6: Sacred Scripture
Sixth-grade students focus on the basics of reading the Bible, Magisterial authority, praying with Scripture, how the Bible is different from other books, and the four senses of Scripture.  They experience a comprehensive exploration of the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelation, all through the lens of the Incarnation.




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